"Having never used a crossbow before I got a Native and gave it a try. It has been one very dependable and solid shooting crossbow. Having taken several big game animals with it has truly upped my game and lengthened my season, and has been an absolute joy to hunt with!" - Jason Michael


Mike"I shot this buck at 70yds, and it was dead on. Thanks Native." - Mike





Brandon Jeffress"This bow is accurate!...Check out Native crossbows if you are looking for a crossbow that is made in the USA and is engineered fantastically" - Brandon Jeffress



Todd Manion National Record Eastern Turkey 2015 "This scored 63 & 12/16 for the SCI record book. Which means Todd has the new national record for the eastern turkey...." - Todd Manion April 2015





Amy Kuchenbecker"Great people and a cut above the rest on customer service. Wonder crossbows." - Amy




Barry Morphew"I am very passionate about my whitetail hunting and spend many hours in stand waiting on a giant. When the moment occurs that the big boy steps out I want to be sure I can make the shot. Native crossbows give me the confidence I need whether the buck is 10yds or 80.  Plus their service is outstanding. Thanks Native! " - Barry Morphew 



Ben holding prototype competition crossbow Jason Malone awards2016

Jason Malone's NFAA State Championship 2017

Jason Malone's NFAA State Championship 2017



Congratulations to Jason Malone and Faith Daniels NFAA Indoor Championship winners







Rick Benge turkey 2015


 25#,10" beard,1" spurs    "...awesome crossbow guys." - Rick